Zon Edamuttath

General Manager & Head - Security & Landside Operations
Mumbai International Airport Limited

  • Skilled strategist who transforms strategic plans into workable solutions & benchmarks performance against key operational targets/goals. "Look through the fog" to Identify disruptions before they occur and stitch together mitigation strategies to deal with them.
  • Specialist in security check design & through put enhancement, environmental scan of best of breed emerging technologies, identification of need, vendor engagement for technology and product evaluation securing budgetary support for capex procurement cycle.
  • Extensive aviation experience with a wide variety of practical application in strategic planning & implementation of airport security CONOPS, vulnerability assessments, vigilance, fraud management, investigations & gap analysis.
  • SPOC / coordinator for AVSEC with Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Bureau of Civil Aviation Security, Consulates, Central Security Agency, Police, CISF, Airlines, GHA, Concessionaires & Other Stakeholders.

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