H.E Saif Mohammed AlSuwaidi

Director General of General Civil Aviation Authority

  • Serves as a Director General of United Arab Emirates General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) since 2008.
  • Appointed for 2010-2012 and re-elected for 2012-2014 as a Chairman of Arab Civil Aviation Commission Council.
  • Served many military positions (Major General Air Marshal, and Director of operations) Graduated as a helicopter pilot.
  • Holds a Bachelor Degree in Law from Beirut Arab University.
  • His Strategic vision, foresight and leadership have been instrumental in advancing the aviation industry and implementing state-of-the-art technology with safety and security performance in accordance with international standards.

  • Lead regulating a vital industry that contributes 14% of the UAE GDP.
  • The UAE - GCAA is the first authority in the world to implement Aviation Safety Regulations issued by the ICAO, recording 98.8% in compliance, and maintained its number one ranking for implementing Aviation Security Regulations issued by the ICAO recording 99.6 %.
  • Maintains UAE position as number 2, behind the USA, in terms of the number of Fully Liberalized Air Transport Agreements.
  • Work on maintaining strong growth rates in the UAE aviation industry.
  • Implementing the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO’s State Safety Program (SSP)).
  • Drove the UAE – GCAA to gain the leadership/membership of many regional and International Committees in Environment, Safety and Security.
  • Implementing the Cape Town Convention, and established/implemented big number of worldwide regulations, processes and systems.
  • Entering in cooperation agreements with regional and international organizations with the aim of exchanging experiences and technical knowledge, and provide onsite training.
  • Implemented ‘ICAO READY’ initiative, which provides assistance to ICAO Contracting States which may require assistance to improve their compliance levels with ICAO (SARPs).
  • Empowered women in aviation by organizing specialized training programs.
  • Issuing “Abu Dhabi Joint Declaration” for Aviation Security, which represented a world leading initiative for ensuring international aviation security.
  • Contributing to establishing and implementing Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP) in order to enhance capacity and improve system efficiencies.
  • Implemented an advanced system for reporting and handling incidents, E-Audit System and Online Accreditation System.

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