Summit Overview

This special event is of interest to the Government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for its great importance in the Air Transport industry and its economic impacton the local and international levels, which is the backbone of achieving the vision of the Kingdom 2030. The conference will be attended by Ministers of Transportation from around the world, heads of Civil Aviation Authorities and heads of International Civil Aviation Organizations. More than 35 international experts from international and regional bodies and organizations will review and discuss various issues related to civil aviation. The conference aims to:

  • Exchange information and expertise related to civil aviation.
  • Create investment opportunities in the Aviation field in the Kingdom for recently established companies wanting to expand their activities, in addition to attracting new foreign companies to the Saudi market.
  • Exchange the best global practices to enhance cooperation regarding civil aviation safety and security.
  • Exchange the best airport practices.

The Pillars

Event Program

Day 1

1 April 2019

08:00 AM till 05:50 PM

Day 2

2 April 2019

08:30 AM till 02:45 PM

Target Audience

  • Academic and scientific research entities
  • Air cargo and logistics providers
  • Air traffic management.
  • Air navigation service providers.
  • Aircraft manufacturers and charter aircraft companies.
  • Airports and airlines.
  • Airport security and service providers control.
  • Airports and airport development companies.
  • Aviation-related industries.
  • Aviation training institutes.
  • Aviation service providers for business travelers.
  • Civil aviation regulatory entities.
  • Design, construction and engineering companies.
  • Decision-makers in economy.
  • Financial institutions and investment banks.
  • Financiers and investors.
  • Global distribution systems.
  • Government and private sectors.
  • Ground handling companies and agents.
  • Insurance and risk management companies.
  • Advocates and consulting firms.
  • Aviation and third party service providers.
  • Maintenance and repair companies and comprehensive review.
  • Authorities and entities in tourism.
  • Travel and hospitality.